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How to Level Up and Gain New Skills In Metal Gear Survive

Like many other games centred around survival, Metal Gear Survive features RPG elements that allow you to develop and improve your character.

Starting out at level one, you’ll be weak and have a limited skill set, but as you play the game you’ll be able to increase your character’s level and improve their repertoire of skills. And the only thing you need to be able to do so is Kuban Energy.

Kuban Energy is something that you acquire quite easily in Metal Gear Survive. It can be found growing in the environment, requiring you to hit it with a melee weapon before picking it up. And it can also be easily obtained by killing Wanderers – the zombie-like creatures that roam throughout Dite.

Metal Gear Survive Kuban

Killing Wanderers one after the other in quick succession, for example, will award you with Kuban Energy instantly. Additionally, the corpses of any Wanderers you’ve killed can also be looted for more Kuban Energy unless they’re destroyed – like when activating a Wormhole transporter for the first time. The stronger the Wanderer is, the more Kuban Energy you receive, so it pays to hunt Wanderers that are in tougher areas.

Once you’ve accumulated enough Kuban Energy you can head on over to the Skill Trainer in your base camp and purchase level ups. Each level up awards you with one skill point, which can be used to unlock a stat upgrade or even a new skill. Some stat upgrades will be locked until you’ve reached a specific level, however.

As Kuban Energy is also used to construct gadgets, equipment and buildings, it’s wise to not spend it all on upgrading your character. You’ll always want to have a nice reserve of Kuban Energy so you can craft and build the things you need quickly and painlessly. As Kuban Energy is easily obtainable on your travels though, you’ll soon find yourself regularly upgrading your character.

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What skills should you buy? Well that’s up to you. But we certainly recommend buying the combat dodge manoeuvre, and also maybe buy the skills that complement your favourite melee weapon. Extending the number of thrusts you can perform in a combo with a spear, for example, is very handy. And so is unlocking the ability to stomp on downed enemies’ heads. Nearly all the skills you can buy are melee focused, so choose the ones that sound the most useful to you.

With some levels under your belt you’ll be more skilful than ever before, and your Metal Gear Survive exploits will be made so much easier. So get collecting that Kuban Energy and level up as often as you can!


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