You Can Now Insult Your Friends, and Strangers, Via the Nintendo Switch

Oh Sir Hollywood Roast

Have you ever felt the urge to insult your friends in the most outlandish ways?

You know, like telling them that they’ve got a face like a hastily-made ham sandwich? Or that their mother smells like their yoga teacher who peels potatoes with Satan? I often have, and that’s why I love Vile Monarch’s Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator, and its follow up, Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast. Both of which are now available on the Nintendo Switch.

If you’ve never encountered them before, Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator and Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast are presented like fighting games, only instead of throwing Hadoukens or performing Spinning Bird Kicks you’re flinging systematically constructed insults in each other’s direction. Obviously they don’t cause any physical damage, but they do diminish the other player’s pride. And once one verbal mudslinger is at their lowest ebb the battle is won.

What makes the Oh…Sir! games so amusing are the truly ridiculous insults you can create. Each player takes it in turns to choose words or short phrases from a small selection in the middle of the screen, kinda like when you were (or weren’t) chosen to play for your favourite team when playing sports at school. If the other player takes the word or phrase that you were banking on to extend your insult then you need to think on your feet and compromise, or make use of the random stock of two words or phrases that each character has in reserve.

Get truly stuck and you might have to keep your opponent in suspense, letting them insult you while you continue to build up your outburst. It’s a tactic that can also be used to create more elaborate hurtful tirades that cause major pride damage. But be warned, if your opponent pulls off a quip that hits a sore point, you might just forget what you were going to say.

So, playing both Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator and Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast is a tactical affair that requires both strategy and an eye for the offensive. But deciding whether to buy them or not doesn’t have to be something you ponder over for too long as they’re both obscenely cheap, coming in at £1.99/$1.99 and £2.99/$2.99 respectively. Why the price difference, you say? Well that’s because The Hollywood Roast is newer. And dare I say it? A little more polished.

Both games allow you to set up a quick insult-slinging match against the CPU and feature career modes. Both games also feature a varied cast of roasters inspired by celebrities and fictional characters. Both games even feature the ability to hurl abuse online, at both friends and strangers. But only Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast has a Comeback system which adds a little depth to the gameplay. Its presentation is a little nicer, too.

With both of the Oh…Sir! games being so cheap though, I suggest that you pick them both up so you can enjoy all the characters and scenarios that they offer. It’s less than a fiver for the pair and they offer hours of fun whether you play on your own, with someone sat on a couch, or over the internet. Plus, they might give you some ideas about what to say to those unwanted acquaintances that you’d really like to puzzle with some strange verbal outbursts.

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