How to Make Money in Crossout

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Money makes the world go round. It also makes your playthrough of Crossout a damn sight more fun if you have plenty of it to spend.

But that begs the all-important question: just how do you make money in Crossout?

There’s unfortunately no magic answer – not if you’re playing the game for free, anyway. But making money in Crossout isn’t all that difficult once you know what you’re doing.

The principal currency of Crossout is gold coins. If you have enough gold, you can buy anything you want. The marketplace in-game is a separate and unique ecosystem in itself, which is defined entirely by Crossout live players and can be used to make profit. Here are a few tips on how to make some startup capital:

Clear out your inventory

Never hold on to the stuff you don’t need. As you battle, you’ll collect all kinds of random pieces of junk, whether it be car parts or weapons. Some of it might be useful, but a lot of it won’t be much good to you. That leaves you only one good option: sell it to make money!

Head to the marketplace to sell those items that aren’t of any use to you. Not only will it free your storage, but it will also bring you in plenty of gold, which then could be spent on something worthwhile.

Be patient

If you rush in to a marketplace trade, you might not get the best price. It’s often worth leaving your order on the market and giving it some time. Supply and demand and all that, right?

Remember, you don’t need to be online to trade your stuff. If you are in a rush though, you can use the recommended price set by the game and sell your items instantly. Yay, money!

Sell common resources

Crossout is packed with all kinds of common resources, and selling them can be a great source of money. There’s a good amount of money to be made by simply selling the common items littering your inventory. Scrap metal and copper can, at times, both sell really well. Copper has a very high turnover, so selling for a good price requires a bit of speculation – keep an eye on the marketplace, and remember to keep tax in mind when you’re trading.

So there you have it – a few very easy ways to make money in Crossout. Of course, the simplest way is to just sit back, and enjoy playing without worrying about the economics of the game. Good things come to those who wait!