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Mount Monster Hunter World

How to Mount Monsters In Monster Hunter World

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Hunting monsters in Monster Hunter World is fun. But you know what’s even more fun? Jumping on their backs.

Mounting monsters not only looks cool, but it also enables you to inflict quite a bit of damage too. But Monster Hunter World never really tells you how to do it, so we will.

To be honest, the act of mounting monsters is quite simple – you just need to leap onto their backs – but in practice it can be quite tricky. Whenever you’re fighting a monster look for high ground – somewhere you can climb to that will elevate you in relation to your prey – then, you need to leap in their direction by dashing or rolling off the edge of a ledge. Get it just right so that you land on the back of the monster you’re hunting and that’s it – you’ve mounted it.

Once on the back of a beast, however, you can’t afford to rest on your laurels – you need to attack and maintain your balance. Once you’ve mounted a monster in Monster Hunter World you engage in what essentially is a quick time event. You see button prompts appear on the screen, telling you when to press buttons to attack and ready yourself for the monster trying to throw you off. Stay on the monster’s back long enough and you’ll get the chance to perform a special attack before dismounting. And if it’s your first time you’ll also get a trophy or achievement.

Those who use the Insect Glaive weapon are also able to mount monsters easily thanks to its aerial attacks. Skillfully vault onto the back of a monster and away you go.

With a bit of practice you’ll be a monster mounting master, able to mount monsters like second nature. Good luck hunters!

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