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I Wouldn’t Get Your Hopes Up For a Resident Evil 7 Xbox One X Update

Ever since the release of the Xbox One X we’ve been hungry for those sweet enhancement patches that make our favourite titles even more appetising.

The Xbox One X version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, for example, became the definitive console version just before Christmas, while January brought the extra beautification of Forza Horizon 3. One game that we’ve waited to be enhanced to no avail, however, is Resident Evil 7.

While PlayStation gamers enjoyed both PS4 Pro and PSVR support, the Xbox One version of Resident Evil 7 launched with fewer features and marginally weaker performance and visuals. Upon the announcement of the Xbox One X, however, it appeared on Microsoft’s list of titles that were to be enhanced, and gamers like myself were overjoyed. But then the wait came.

Resident Evil 7 Xbox One X

It would have made sense for Resident Evil 7 to have been Xbox One X enhanced in line with the release of the game’s Gold Edition in December. In fact, at around that time, the game’s Xbox One X enhancement status changed on Microsoft’s website from ‘In Development’ to ‘Coming Soon’, whatever that means. Some two months later, however, the update is yet to materialise.

I reached out to Capcom PR who stated that “We haven’t made any announcements about an Xbox One X enhancement patch at the moment. If we do have news to share on this one then it will be posted on the official social channels.” I’ll take that as a confirmation that an Xbox One X enhancement patch isn’t due to be released imminently. Maybe not at all, even. Despite being listed on Microsoft’s site I can’t find any evidence of an Xbox One X enhancement update ever being mentioned by Capcom.

Ultimately then, I suggest you keep your expectations in check if you’re waiting for an Xbox One X enhancement patch before you jump into Resident Evil 7. One may eventually be released, but it’s not guaranteed. It’s a shame as it could really do with some improvements, as you can see via the screenshot in this article, but I have a feeling that Microsoft may have jumped the gun with the ‘Coming Soon’ status for this one.

Update 27/04/2018

The Xbox One X enhancement patch for Resident Evil 7 is now available. Read more here.

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