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Safe Mode is Now Available in the PS4 Version of SOMA

Frictional Games’ SOMA is a great horror game, but the grotesque creatures that it features are more irritating than anything.

Released in 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PC, the 2017 Xbox One release tried to remedy the problem by including a ‘Safe Mode’, in which the enemies were still present but they wouldn’t attack or harm you. Patched into the PC version at the same time, only PlayStation 4 gamers have been forced to play SOMA in peril since.

That is until today, however, as the PlayStation 4 version of SOMA has just received ‘Safe Mode’ via a patch. Honestly, I feel it’s the best way to play the game, as I explained here. And if you haven’t played SOMA yet you should really give it a try.

SOMA is one of those games that effectively manages to get under your skin, and while its monsters do indeed put you on edge, they ultimately detract from the game. So pick up SOMA, put it in ‘Safe Mode’ and prepare for a thought-provoking and unsettling experience like never before.

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