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Six Things to Look for in Overwatch’s Blizzard World Map

Between all the Mercy nerfs and Hanzo memes, Blizzard has been working hard on getting its latest Overwatch patch out to players.

This new patch adds brand new cosmetic items for each hero as well as the new map: Blizzard World. Blizzard World, as the name may suggest, is packed full of references to all of Blizzard’s games, and we absolutely love it.

Check out some of the things you may not have seen yet below. And if you’ve yet to visit Blizzard World, what the heck are you waiting for?


Overwatch Blizzard World Poster

Blizzard is all about putting small details into their Overwatch maps that people may not necessarily notice. In the Hollywood map, for example, you can see posters from movies that D.VA herself has acted in. Scattered around Blizzard World you’ll find posters for Murloc Island, Tyrael’s Fall and The Hellscream, among others.

The posters are especially satisfying because there are many locations you can’t go physically on the map but, at least by looking at the posters, you can dream of being there. Maybe for the next map, eh Blizzard?

Griffin Roller Coaster

Overwatch Blizzard World Griffin Rollercoaster

If you’ve played World of Warcraft then you’ll no doubt be familiar with the lovely griffins that you can ride to get quickly from place to place. Well, in Blizzard World, you can actually ride a griffin. No, not a real one, but an animatronic roller coaster griffin. And not across the world, but in a kind of depressing small circle. Yay?


Overwatch Blizzard World Jaws

Does anyone else find it strange that there’s a Jaws at every theme park ever made? Blizzard World creators obviously don’t because they made sure to add Jaws to theirs. If you head over to the docks near Snaxramas, you’ll see the good ol’ great white hanging for all to see. You can even shoot at him a little bit to get him swinging. You cruel people, you.

Heroes Arcade Leaderboard

Overwatch Blizzard World heroes Arcade leaderboard

If you’re starting Blizzard World on defence, your first spawn point will be in the Heroes Arcade. The Heroes Arcade features Murloc Skee Ball and Heroes of the Storm Air Hockey, but I got a nice chuckle out of the Heroes score board. In first place is SMB, clearly meant to be Sombra who has hacked her score to get 9999. You can also see DVA and JRT (Junkrat). Even S 76 (Soldier: 76) has taken a few whacks at the arcade and scored a place in the top four. You go, grandpa.

Murloc Island

Overwatch Blizzard World Murloc Island

Murloc Island is perhaps the saddest item on this list because it is unreachable. Murloc Island is what I was most excited for after Blizzard World was announced, so you can imagine my chagrin when I realised it’s in the middle of the water.

My first instinct was to swim over — but alas, that was to no avail as none of the Overwatch heroes ever learned to swim, apparently. I also tried to fly over as D.Va and Pharah with no luck. The question I ask Blizzard personally is, why put the best part of the park in the middle of the water where your guests can’t access it? That’s cruel. Just cruel.

The Entrance

Overwatch Blizzard World entrance

The best place to start is at Blizzard World’s entrance. It’ll make you oooh and aaah for a few seconds and start you out on a high note so you’ll be hyped to experience the rest of the map. There’s no doubt that Blizzard World is pretty amazing, so take the time to explore it while you play. Your teammates definitely won’t mind. Well, as long as you don’t spend too much time gawking.

Check out some in-game footage of the map in all its glory in the video below:

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