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Space Invaders Extreme Will Have You Reminiscing to the Extreme

I’ve always been a huge fan of Space Invaders since I first played a round of it on an old arcade machine when I was a kid.

My parents used to be part of a bowling league and my sisters and I would spend hours punching people to death in Mortal Kombat and shooting aliens in Space Invaders until the late hours of the night. Space Invaders Extreme will give players who have fond memories of the original the opportunity to reminisce and appreciate a twist on the classic game in bright, colourful glory.

Space Invaders Extreme plays exactly as you’d expect a Space Invaders-style game to play: move your ship left and right and shoot at aliens, avoiding anything they shoot back at you until they’re all dead. What makes it “extreme” is that each round introduces multiple waves of invaders that you must defeat including a boss at the very end. The music reminded me of Bit Trip Runner where, every time you hit an invader, the music responds accordingly. The more invaders you hit the more pumpin’ the music will be.

It’s no walk in the (alien-invaded) park though: Space Invaders Extreme gets difficult pretty quickly. The boss battles are especially taxing, but there’s no real consequence from dying. You don’t have to insert another token, that is. The only downside is that when you die, your score will no longer go to the leaderboard upon completion of the level.

Space Invaders Extreme can be a bit hectic at first as your only real introduction is a controls list before being thrown into the fray. Once you’ve played two or three levels, though,  you’ll get used to the mechanics and rules and you’ll feel like a seasoned pro. Check out Space Invaders Extreme to enjoy hours of fun playing this wicked remake of a beloved game.

Space Invaders Extreme is available now on PC. Check out the game in action in our gameplay video below.

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