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You Can Now Play The Evil Within 2 in First-Person Mode

Horror games are always much more terrifying when played in first-person. It’s just fact.

Of course, some horror game still manage to send a shiver down your spine despite having a third-person viewpoint, like The Evil Within 2, but from today that’s not the only way you can experience last year’s greatest horror title.

Thanks to the game’s latest free update, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC gamers can now play The Evil Within 2 –a game we gave a highly coveted 10/10 – in first-person. All they have to do is go into the game’s menu at any time and turn it on or off. Simple as that.

We’re yet to give it a try but we will do very soon. It’ll no doubt make the game feel very different to play, and we’ve been itching to return to the title since having our way with it last year. If you’re yet to play The Evil Within 2 yet remember that there’s a free trial available. If you like what you play and decide to buy it you can even carry your progress over.

Need more convincing? Watch the trailer below.

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