10 Best PS4 Exclusives You Need in Your Collection

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

With additions from Kim Snaith

At over 71 million units sold, it’s clear that new gamers are entering the PlayStation ecosystem all the time, which is now brimming with fantastic and diverse exclusives.

If you’re entering the world of PlayStation 4 over four years into its lifecycle, deciding which exclusives to play from a pretty significant library of games can be daunting. So we’ve decided to help newcomes out a bit and list 10 of the best PS4 exclusive games. We could feasibly populate this list with five games from Naughty Dog, but we wanted to present a wide breadth of games and variety. There are a lot of great exclusives available on PS4 but these are simply ten of them.

10. The Last Guardian

Yes, The Last Guardian. Despite some technical issues regarding the controls, I absolutely adored my experience with The Last Guardian.

Team Ico’s follow up to Shadow of the Colossus arrived nine years after it was originally announced and wowed with its impressive visuals, unique artstyle, and most of all, the studio’s most impressive creation to date, Trico. An AI character so fully realised that by the harrowing climax, I was so emotionally invested in Trico’s well-being that I could feel panic set in trying to make sure he was okay. It’s not a game for everyone but if you own a pet, you will relate to this PS4 exclusive in a big, big way.

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9. Alienation

We’re big fans of Housemarque’s personal brand of bullet hell, but Alienation probably has to be our favourite. Sure, Resogun and Dead Nation hold a place in our hearts too, but Alienation‘s expanded scope, epic set design and sheer madness from start to finish make it one of our must-have PS4 exclusives.

A top-down shooter set in a world overrun by aliens, Alienation certainly isn’t winning any awards for originality or storytelling. But what it is good at is simply being ludicrous amounts of fun. Surviving areas literally swarming with beasts all out for your blood, seeing blood and bullets spray in every direction is extremely rewarding, and even though your blood pressure may be going through the roof you’ll find it damn hard to put down.

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