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10 Fighters We Want to See in Super Smash Bros. Switch

Super Smash Bros. Switch is coming! When? 2018!

Okay, that’s not an awfully specific release window but Nintendo’s recent announcement that the game will be hitting the Switch this year is a step up from their previous silence. This platform brawler’s roster has yet to be determined, though the Nintendo Direct announcement teased the inclusion of a couple of fighters from Splatoon. Which is fair enough, but there are several other fighters we’d love to see grace the game’s fighting roster.

Here are 10 fighters we’d love to see in Super Smash Bros. Switch:

1. Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza)

Sega was gracious enough to let Sonic the Hedgehog cross over to Super Smash Bros. Wii U, so why not deliver another guest fighter in the form of Kazuma Kiryu, protagonist of the Yakuza games? His fighting skills are undeniable and we’d love to see him deliver a slow-mo knockout punch to Bowser’s face.

2. Wendy Oldbag (Ace Attorney)

The true star of the Ace Attorney games, Wendy Oldbag would make a fine addition to Super Smash Bros. Switch. Her grating, megaphone-enhanced manner would have fellow fighters leaping off the platforms in terror.

3. Dr. Kawashima (Brain Age)

Dr. Kawashima’s disembodied head has been a little quiet since appearing in the Brain Age series of games. We’d love to see him brought out of retirement to nose-pummel other combatants; his special attack would involve ridiculing the slow mental reflexes of his opponents.

4. Pauline (Super Mario Odyssey)

Thrust back into the limelight with the release of Super Mario Odyssey, Pauline is ideally placed to leap into action in Super Smash Bros. Switch. Her vocal talents would be her primary means of attack and she’d receive a special bonus against Mario due to the awkwardness of bumping into your ex.

5. Satoru Iwata (Nintendo president)

A tribute to the late and much-loved Nintendo president, the in-game Satoru Iwata would have no actual fighting moves. He would, instead be so charming that no-one would be able to lay a finger on him. He’d spend each battle wandering around the platforms, soliciting ideas for upcoming Nintendo titles and occasionally pausing to stare at bananas.

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