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12 More Games We Never Quite Finished

There are more games we never managed to finish than we’d like to admit.

Okay, okay, we’re still making excuses for all the great games we wanted to reach the end of but never quite got there. Earlier in the week, we took you through 12 games we never quite finished and today, we’ve got 12 more. What can I say? We did say we were big ol’ quitters.

1. Alien: Isolation

Gammon: Where previous Alien games tried to be gritty and horrible, they ended up feeling more like any other generic shooter. Isolation, on the other hand, went back to basics and put the horror of the Xenomorph at the front and centre. It got everything right, it made the alien smart as it slowly hunted you, adapting to your playstyle and it beautifully created the bulky sci-fi universe in stunning detail.

But the AI in Alien: Isolation was just a bit too smart for me. It seemed to know what I was doing before I did it. It doesn’t help that I am not the best at stealth in video-games. If I was aboard that ship I would be one of the first to be caught but at least it would be over quickly.

Becca completed Alien: Isolation long ago and is very disappointed in her colleague.

2. Hidden Folks

Becca: Believe it or not, Hidden Folks was actually a game I enjoyed with my mom. My mom is a sweetheart but she doesn’t know anything about videogames other than the ones she can play on her tablet in bed before going to sleep. So when I discovered Hidden Folks, a Where’s Wally?-esque black and white hidden object game, I thought she might get a kick out of it. I loved the charming animations as well as the voice effects.

My mom became OBSESSED. I would get texts at 11:30pm with her begging me to tell her where to find that snake in the forest area. Thankfully, the game wasn’t fully released yet so we completed the first three areas and were finally free. A few months ago, they released the final levels of the game. Mom refused to go back and I agreed it was for the best. Hidden Folks was probably the closest my mom ever came to feeling like she was on hard drugs. “JUST ONE MORE MONKEY.”

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