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7 Pumping Electronic Tracks to Help You Kill That Boss

Sometimes you need some quiet thumping music in the background to help kill that boss.

It’s pretty sweet when music really kicks in during the biggest moments of fights. If you’re like me you may find some battle music in games get rather boring — I’m looking at you, Monster Hunter World. You won’t find Don’t Stop Believing in here; this is a short list of electronic tracks to quietly thump in the background to help you focus on difficult boss fights.

Rez – Underworld

This group became synonymous with Trainspotting after their track Born Slippy (Nuxx) was championed on the film’s soundtrack. Lesser known Rez will be like most of the tracks on this list – relatively long. All these tracks are on a Spotify playlist of mine that I use for raiding in World of Warcraft, which now stands at 80 tracks. Boss fights tend to be closer to 10 minutes, and most of these tracks, like Rez (just two seconds off ten minutes), will suit them. This track is great for a fight with a slow start that ramps up before all hell breaks loose at two and a half minutes.

Seamonkey – Moderat

There are a few Moderat tracks that could have gone on this list. A rule for me was no artist more than twice, and without that rule this list would have ended at about 20 with several tracks from the same artists. I like to choose tracks without lyrics to avoid distractions during a fight, and Seamonkey fits the bill from Moderat’s back catalogue – dating back to their first self-titled record. This track suits a shorter but constantly charged boss fight.

6.24 – Danger

The shortest track on this list, but it comes from the excellent soundtrack to Furi. Obviously, if you are actually playing Furi then listen to its soundtrack – what are you doing here?!?! There are plenty of tracks from that soundtrack that could have gone in this list. But who’s to say Furi’s soundtrack can’t be used for other boss battles? So I’m dishing a track specifically written for boss battle to others. If you give a little love it’ll all come back to you. (la la la lalala la)

Moving Close (Apparat remix) – Warren Suicide, Apparat

This track works perfectly in a long boss fight that needs full and constant concentration. Like all of the tracks on this list, it works best if you keep it relatively quiet, but the beat in the background keeps you pushing forward and focused. This is one of those tracks where, if you were paying full attention to it, it could get quite repetitive, but that in a way that’s kind of the point. This is one of my personal constants during raid fights; it thumps along quite nicely with further complexities added along the way.

The Same Fury – Schatrax

Yes, I know it starts with some words, but “courage and fear”, “the bravest warrior”, “no one is without fear” — it’s basically a pep talk for the upcoming battle you’re about to face. You can steady yourself before the track properly kicks in. This is probably the most repetitive track on this list; it feels like the same 16 bars looped for near enough five minutes, but suits a fast-paced crazy boss fight quite well, and a short one at that.

Opus (Four Tet remix) – Eric Prydz, Four Tet

If this remix wasn’t in here, a Four Tet track would definitely be on here somewhere. Four Tet is an electronic artist that could have filled this list easily with seven of his own tracks – Planet, Love Cry, Evening Side (OPN Edit), Jupiters just to name a few. Both Four Tet and the next artist could have their own list, and they’d be damn good ones at that. This is a great track for a boss fight with an energetic start, then a long break or comedown before ramping it up and up for a climatic end.

Collider – Jon Hopkins

There would be no point to this list if I didn’t fit a Jon Hopkins track in. He’s not just my favourite electronic artist right now, but is my favourite artist, period. With the help of different types of meditation, he tries to create music to reflect a feeling of peace — or its polar opposite, frenetic energy. His 2013 album Immunity was the journey of a night out, and Collider is the thumping representation of the clubs at all hours of the morning, along with the flashing lights that accompany it – if its video didn’t give that away. Any number of tracks from Immunity, and indeed from Jon Hopkins’ entire discography would’ve fitted nicely on this list.

This is by no means a ‘definitive list’;it’s just a short list of tracks that can help you focus for tough boss fights. There are many moments where tracks from various genres hit that note, or that bass, or that snare at the perfect time during a fight that elevates your experience of it. A much longer playlist of electronic music could easily be 50 tracks long; I’d have quite a few Four Tet and Jon Hopkins tracks in there for sure. My raiding playlist is near enough that, but include tracks with lyrics too.

For ease of access to all 7 tracks, check the Spotify playlist below.

What tracks would you add onto here?

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