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8 of the Best Games on PS4 Under £10/$10

We all love money.

Even the biggest die-hard altruist wouldn’t want to flush their cash down the toilet. And while there are many great free games out there – cough Fornite cough – they often come with an expectancy for us to spend our hard-earned dosh  in other ways. While these games may not be free, I give you a list of titles that are as cheap as chips and are brilliant to boot. I hope this helps you bag some bargains.

Here are our picks of eight excellent PS4 games all available for under £10/$10.

SpeedRunners – £7.99/$9.99

Looking for something different to play when you have your friends over? Then look no further than SpeedRunners. The game has a simple premise: outrun your opponents. You must travel around a sidescrolling circuit as fast as you can, with the person in last place being at risk of getting wiped off-screen. This games tests your old-school platforming skills while also mixing it up with a plethora of stages and powers. It is essentially competitive Mario on speed, what more could you ask for that price?

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Punch Club – £7.99/$9.99

Punch Club reenacts the sports action films of the 80s and 90s. You can feel references from The Karate Kid and Rocky searing throughout this ode to old-school action. You play as a boxer on a journey to reach the top of his game, and a quest to get vengeance for his murdered dad. To do this you must train, eat, work, sleep and of course fight! Whether it’s in the back alleys or in the ring, you have to defeat your opponents. It’s a crazily addictive game that has a quirkily fun story to boot. Definitely worth picking up.

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