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How to Add Friends in Total War: Arena

There is no ‘I’ in warfare, so Total War: Arena is better played with friends!

Total War: Arena is a deceptively simple game that has some very clear in-game tutorials that teach you the basics of warfare. What may not be so clear, however, is how to create a party of friends that you wish to use to conquer your enemies.

How do I add a friend in Total War: Arena?

It is straightforward enough once you you know how to do it, though. Simply click the social button at the top of the home screen — it’s the symbol that looks like three heads. Then search for your friend’s username and click add friend.

Once you have added your friends you can create your own party with its own dedicated chat window and go straight into the battlefield. You can even, for 5,000 silver, create your own lobby with its own rules and choose your favourite map to play in.

Once you’re in the game you can then use each other to create a well rounded and devastating army. Just make sure you defend your mate with the archers.

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