The Curse of Monkey Island is Now Available on

Curse of Monkey Island

If point and click adventure games are your thing, the Monkey Island series probably has a place in your heart.

For some reason though, there has been one entry that has been elusive to fans for years – The Curse of Monkey Island – but thanks to Disney and, once again fans can reacquaint themselves with its brilliance.

Curse of Monkey Island 2


The Curse of Monkey Island is available right now, and it won’t break the bank either, coming in at a rather nice £5.39. You can sweeten up the deal even more if you buy it in conjunction with the two previous games in the series – all three of the classic Monkey Island games can be yours for only £11.57. Now that is a bargain.

With its beautiful hand-drawn art and a wicked sense of humour, point and click fans really shouldn’t be without The Curse of Monkey Island. Eager to add it to your collection? Head on over to right now and snap it up. DRM-free, of course.