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Is Diablo 3 Coming to Nintendo Switch?

PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

They’re all formats that I’ve played Diablo 3 on, and soon it appears I may be adding another to the list: Nintendo Switch.

A couple of days ago, the twitter account for Blizzard Entertainment posted the short video below. In it, a Diablo themed night-light is switched off and then back on again a couple of times. The camera also moves in and out during each switch. What does it mean? Who knows for sure, but it has lead many to believe that Diablo 3 is headed to Nintendo Switch sometime in the near future.

It makes sense in a way. The Nintendo Switch is the perfect format for Diablo 3. You can play through its cringe-worthy story with friends on the big screen at home and then blast through bounties and rifts when you’re on the train or in bed. Sounds good to me. Or maybe, just maybe, Blizzard are branching out into Diablo themed¬†night-lights. I think the former is more likely, but hey, I’d buy a Diablo night-light if they went up for sale. Just saying!

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