How to Expand the Botanical Research Center in Monster Hunter World

When used frequently and correctly, the Botanical Research Center in Monster Hunter World is invaluable.

At first, the Botanical Research Center allows you to cultivate pretty basic items, but with a little bit of work you can eventually cultivate more useful botanical items including bugs and late game shrooms. The way to do it is pretty simple: complete a series of optional quests.

Though classified as optional quests, those needed to expand Botanical Research make it so useful that they’re almost not optional. These are the quests you need to complete to get two extra slots, and extra items for cultivation:

3*: Prickly Predicament – Deliver 20 Bauble Cactuses

4*: Royal Relocation – Hunt a Rathian

4*: Persistent Pests – Slay 14 Hornetaur

7*: Talons of Ire and Ice – Hunt all target monsters (Legiana, Odogaron)

Simply choose the choose the relevant quest from the board, and head out to fulfil the requirements. Once you’re done, return back to the Botanical Research Center to reap your benefits. It’s as simple as that.

Happy cultivating, hunters!

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