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How to Fight the Kraken in Sea of Thieves

There’s a lot of hidden treasure to find in Sea of Thieves, both literal and metaphorical.

Perhaps one of the most significant of the latter is the game’s secret hidden boss, the Kraken. Ripped straight out of legend, the aquatic beast is as elusive as it is deadly. You may have already stumbled upon some impressive videos of people fending off the mythical monstrosity that’s piqued your curiosity. Finding the Kraken for yourself, however, is another matter altogether.

Here are some helpful tips in your quest to down the dreaded thing. However be warned: facing the Kraken in Sea of Thieves will put your ship and its crew it mortal danger.

sea of thieves kraken

Finding the Kraken in Sea of Thieves

The Kraken is an enticing creature to fight, but Sea of Thieves developer Rare have gone to great lengths to keep the creature hidden. While it may add to the mysterious nature of the creature, it also makes it a hassle to encounter. As of now, there is no surefire way to find the Kraken outright. There are however certain conditions you can look out for to make finding it a little easier.

Firstly, you’ll need to be sailing on board a Galleon, the largest ship class in the game. The Kraken also only appears in deep water, most likely out in the open ocean. You won’t have any luck if you stick to patrolling a beach near one of the many islands on the map. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for extremely dark water. Once the Kraken appears, the water surrounding it will turn murky – so much so it’s impossible to see through.

sea of thieves kraken

Fighting the Kraken in Sea of Thieves

Once you’ve run into the game’s most elusive creature, your ship will freeze, forcing you to take the beast head on. You’ll first see its eight tentacles visibly standing up straight out of the water. Luckily, the Kraken will stick to attacking you with only one or two tentacles at a time. Be on your guard, however, as one tentacle alone can do a lot of damage to your ship.

It’s best to have one of your crew members solely on repair duty. The Kraken will attack your ship by throwing its tentacles at it, causing hull breaks in the process. Shovelling the water out with the bucket and repairing the breaks in the hull with planks of wood should do the trick, but have the rest of the crew ready to help out with repairs if water begins to flow in uncontrollably.

For anyone who is fending off the tentacles themselves, they’ll have two jobs to do. The first, and most obvious, is attacking the tentacles before they attack. Each tentacle of the Kraken has a mouth on the end of it. That’s its weak spot. Wait for the opportune moment and hit it with bullets from a pistol or rifle. If a tentacle ends up grabbing onto your ship, they’ll want to attack with their sword.

The tentacles themselves may even target individual players, in which case you’ll need to break its line of sight. If a player is grabbed, there’s little chance of escape as the Kraken will either throw you back onto the ship and cause serious damage, or toss you into the open ocean.

Keep in mind that while this is going on, the Kraken will constantly be doing damage to your ship so communication will be your key to survival. Stay on your toes, work as a team, and you may just get out of the encounter alive. While the only thing you may receive after a successful Kraken encounter is an achievement, the experience alone is a tale worthy of legend.