Final Fantasy XV’s PC Port is Good, But Not Perfect

Finally, Final Fantasy XV is available on PC. I’ve found a few annoying niggles with it so far, but luckily the most important aspect — the performance — is admirable.

It was inevitable that Final Fantasy XV would make its way to PC eventually. I generally think that it’s a nice sign when developers take time to work on ports  as it shows a willingness to do it properly. With Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition (seriously with the title?) the performance I’m getting from an i5 4690k and GTX 970 is as good as I expected.

It’s happened now though — this is the first game I’ve played where more than 8gb RAM is recommended. NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience had recommended settings for FFXV but they weren’t that great for me, so I’ve had to do a bit of settings-tweaking and I’m still getting drops. There tends to be instances where it doesn’t quite hit 60fps with most settings on high, so I imagine I’ll do even more tweaking until I’m fully happy with it. Either way, it still looks great.

I still hold Witcher 3 as the staple for performance given how flawlessly that runs on PC. FFXV has its dips here and there, but seeing this game running at 60fps instead of what the consoles are putting out is a joy. I knew I’d always get round to Final Fantasy XV at some point, but once the Windows Edition was announced I’m glad I held back before jumping in.

Other issues I’ve come across so far with Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition are rather minor, but annoying. Navigating the map is a pain; it’ll take me awhile to get used to using J,I,K,L to move around it as the mouse is useless in the map. I’ve had some instances where an instruction is given with a controller prompt instead of the mouse and keyboard; it told me to use directional d-pads to change the album being played in the Regalia — instinctively I used the arrow keys and almost crashed. There is no proper mouse control in the menus either — you can move the selector up and down using the mouse, but it’s much easier to use the arrow keys.

There’s nothing here to really ruin your experience with Final Fantasy XV on PC though;  its issues are minor and can no doubt be easily fixed with a few patches. Overall, I’m impressed with FFXV Windows Edition — especially when it is running smoothly when I’m out in the wild, driving around and taking in the beautiful scenery. I just wish menu navigation was easier.