Where to Find the Caged Explorer on Devil’s Ridge in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves‘ riddles can be tricky little things.

Once you start to receive riddles in Sea of Thieves, a sorely needed element is added to treasure hunting: puzzle solving. These riddles can frustrate; especially those that have several similar potential answers on the same island.

This quick video guide is for the riddle involving the caged explorer at Devil’s Ridge:

Glinting, gleaming, shining, twinkling, on Devil’s Ridge I have an inkling.

Find the caged explorer, where there is no sky, 5 paces West-by-North West your shovel now worth a try.

To make things easier for you, we recorded us going straight to it from Devil’s Ridge’s most notable landmark, its waterfall. For a tip, you are looking for a cave — hence “where there is no sky” — but you’ll have to work your way through a small winding network of tunnels to get exactly where you need to be. The entrance is hidden behind some shrubbery too, but the torch is a dead giveaway. Your pacing instructions might not be the same, but the video below will show you where you’ll find the caged explorer in Sea of Thieves:

And for a quick escape you can take another exit and jump out of the waterfall into water below. I only got a castaway’s chest for this riddle. What did you get?

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