Gilly Island DLC is a Great Reason to Return to Super Lucky’s Tale

Gilly Island 2

I absolutely loved Super Lucky’s Tale, so when a DLC pack, Gilly Island, landed on the Xbox One store last week, I jumped at the chance to have more time with the plucky fox.

Essentially a new world for the game, Gilly Island adds four new levels, a new hub, six statue puzzles and 500 new achievement points to the game. It takes between two and three hours to complete, depending how thorough you like to be, and for the asking price of £4.19/$4.99, it’s basically a steal.

Gilly Island 4

Gilly Island doesn’t offer up anything particularly surprising. It’s simply more Super Lucky’s Tale, but  that’s exactly what I wanted. I 100% completed the base game, so an excuse to jump back in for some gorgeous platforming action was pretty exciting. The hub world offered up by Gilly Island is beautiful; it’s fitting with the rest of the game, but has its own tropical island flavour. Enemies are all familiar, but there’s a new boss to face off against, and the four levels are all varied, giving us a mixture of challenges that are unique and refreshing even in comparison to the main game.

The first level, for instance, takes us to the venue of a music concert. Popstar ‘Lady M’ — our new nemesis in this DLC pack — is unhappy that a bunch of singing worms have captured an audience away from her, so she’s entranced the concert-goers with her own song playing on loop. To free them, you’ve got to destroy six sets of speakers. It’s an open world-style 3D level with plenty of hidden stuff to find, and typical Super Lucky’s Tale-style mini-tasks to be completed along the way. Another level has us wander around a maze, tasked with putting up a series of parasols to stop sunbathing worms from burning. There’s also a 2D-style level, as you’d expect, and a challenging but fun boss fight against Lady M.

Gilly Island 3

Completionists may rue Gilly Island’s additional achievements, however; around 300 of the 500 points added are there to add some longevity to the game by asking you to collect ridiculous amounts of coins. If you want more reason to play through Super Lucky’s Tale again, the DLC at least gives you that, but if you like to fully 100% your games, then expect to do a hell of a lot of grinding.

If you enjoyed Super Lucky’s Tale, then Gilly Island is a no-brainer. It has the same lovable charm that Super Lucky’s Tale absolutely oozes, with more of the same enjoyable platforming, family-friendly humour and laid-back gameplay. While it’s not the most expansive DLC, for a measly £4.19/$4.99 it adds plenty of extra value.

The Gilly Island add-on for Super Lucky’s Tale is available now.