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How to Get the Parallel Park Achievement/Trophy in Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout Paradise Remastered 3

If you’re an achievement/trophy hunter playing Burnout Paradise for the first time thanks to it being remastered, you’re possibly wondering how you obtain the Parallel Park achievement/trophy.

With its description just stating “Power Park with 100% rating”, you may feel like you’ve missed an in-game tutorial or something, but no, Burnout Paradise Remastered, just like the original title, doesn’t even mention power parking until you’ve inadvertently given it a go for the first time. Though with the achievement/trophy being called Parallel Park, you probably have a vague idea as to what you have to do.

To get the Parallel Park achievement/trophy, you need to find a stretch of road that has a parking lane at the side of it. Then, forget about parking in it like you would your own car; you need to drive at speed, hit the handbrake and then turn and park in one swift motion. Stay still for a little while, and if you’ve managed to park somewhere within the parking lane you’ll be given a Power Park rating; to get the Parallel Park achievement/trophy you’ll need to get 100% by parking perfectly, which isn’t easy, but doable after a bit of practice.

My advice is to drive about two lanes away from the parking lane, and then once you’re ready, grab that handbrake and turn sharply. Though obviously, everything depends on the vehicle you’re driving and the speed you’re travelling. It’s a case of trial and error really. Quite handily though, there’s a short video of me pulling off the manoeuvre below, which will hopefully help you if you study it.

With a little patience and perseverance you should have the Parallel Park achievement/trophy in a matter of minutes, and then you never need to worry about power parking again. Still, it’s a rather fun little challenge while it lasts.

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