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How to Trade in Warframe


Given the recent resurgence in popularity of Warframe, especially on console, I thought I’d start dishing out some ‘How-to’s’ for this fantastic game.

Player trading is, in the latter end of the game, quite common. Early on in your playthrough of Warframe you tend not to trade as much for two common reasons: not enough Platinum, or your inventory isn’t stocked with items people are looking for. Still, having a general idea of how this system works is a big part of your interaction with fellow Tenno as you seek that perfect loadout. Here’s a simple breakdown of how trading works, what it entails, and what you need to get started.

The Dojo Trading Post and pose for being open to trade

Mastery Rank

You cannot trade at all until you reach a Mastery Rank of 2. From that point onward, the maximum number of trades you can make per day increases by one for each Mastery Rank you achieve. Mastery Rank is achieved by levelling up your account, not just your current Frame. This step is the simplest, and most direct, to player trading.

How and Where to Trade in Warframe

The dedicated Trade Hub is Maroo’s Bazaar, located off the right side of Mars on the Navigator. Here, you’ll find the vast majority of players looking to trade items back and forth. You can also open the chat window, set it to the “Trading” tab, and interact with players there, rather than going to the Bazaar. If you go about trading through this method, you will need to then coordinate with that player to determine whose Dojo you will meet at to perform said trade. The Clan Dojos are the last available option for trading hubs.

When you’re in Maroo’s Bazaar, any player you see with their arm raised in offering trades. You will see a list of their offerings, and can walk up and initiate discussions about prices and what not. If you want to open up shop, simply hold Q (or press down on the D-pad) and open up shop. From there you can select one to five items which you want to present. The same process works inside your Clan Dojo, although here you can also choose to build a Trading Post to simplify the transactions.

A look inside Maroo’s Bazaar, with offerings galore

What Items Can Be Traded?

Not everything in Warframe can be traded, but the list of what can be is quite extensive. Any weapon or Frame being traded must be unranked and untouched (i.e. no catalysts of Forma), and must be Prime, Syndicate, Vandal, Wraith, or Prisma. Void relics, however, can traded even if they are vaulted (upgraded). No completed Prime parts, for weapons or Frames, can be traded, only the blueprints. No standard, non-Prime, Frame parts are tradable. You can trade:

  • Mods and Blueprints
  • Gear and Crafting Components
  • Keys
  • Helmets
  • Arcane Enhancements
  • Focus Lens’
  • Pet Imprints
  • Special Weapons
  • Relics
  • Ayatan Treasures
  • Captura Scenes

It’s also important to remember that you cannot receive items if their Mastery Rank exceeds yours, and likewise cannot trade items to players if their Mastery Rank is below the item.

Taxes and Terminology

The Trade Tax is placed on the item which you are receiving in the trade, not giving away. The tax fluctuates based on item type and rarity. For example, Prime Frame blueprints are taxed for 4,000 credits whereas a common Mod or Void Relic is taxed at 2,000 credits. The tax will appear on the trade screen, showing you how much you’re required to fork over before the trade can be completed. All trades are voided if you do not meet the credit requirement for the trade. Clans can also set personalized a “Clan tax”, where they can arrange the taxes for items to their own liking.

One other very important thing to understand when trading is the lingo among the Warframe players. It’s very simple once you get it down, but at first you might not understand. So here’s a breakdown of the common slang:

  • WTT(F) – Willing to trade (for)
  • WTS -Willing to sell
  • WTB – Willing to buy
  • (xNumber)p – Denotes requested amount of Platinum they want
  • PMO – There is debate about this one, but basically it’s ‘Please message offer’ in most circles

Keep in mind, when someone says WTS or WTB, the currency is always Platinum. That is the price you pay for trading, and credits are for taxes. If they want to trade (WTT), then it’s more about what kind of blueprints/mods/etc you can offer in return.

That’s the gist of Warframe player trading for you! It’s a great feature to utilise, and the community is always helpful and willing. I’ve done a fair bit of trading myself, and it’s a (usually) simple and harmless procedure. Sometimes you get the sticklers but that’s just life! Keep your eye on GameSpew for some more Warframe tips in the coming weeks!

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