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How to Master Slay the Spire as The Silent

I’ve been playing strategy card game Slay the Spire a lot recently because I was determined that the more I played the closer I’d get to beating it. Practice makes perfect, right?

The most difficult challenge when it comes to procedurally generated dungeon crawler games is the fact that it’s random by its very nature, so there’s no one single way to beat it. There’s just practice and strategy. Learning what every card and every item in Slay the Spire does definitely helped me in strategising. The following tips aren’t an exact science, but doing these things helped me get the furthest I’ve ever been in Slay the Spire while playing as The Silent.

Ride That Poison

One thing that The Silent has that her colleague does not is the ability to poison her enemies. Poison is extremely valuable to this character because it allows her to deal damage each turn without having to spend energy and a card every time. For example, if you put four poison on an enemy, at the beginning of their next turn they will take four damage. The following turn they will take three, two, and then one. You can also combine your poison to be even more effective.

The Catalyst card, which triples the current amount of poison the enemy has, is one of the stronger cards, especially against bosses. If you’ve managed to give an enemy 12 poison damage and then use Catalyst, suddenly your enemy is taking 36 damage at the beginning of their next turn. Poison is a great way to do huge amounts of damage so that you can save your energy for your defence cards.

Follow the Question Marks

The question mark spots on each map in Slay the Spire indicate  random events that occur as you play. It could be something as simple as a normal battle, a random merchant, or a crazy event like a jousting match. Each event affects you in different ways — sometimes bad and sometimes very, very good.

I like taking a chance on the question mark spots because you really never know what could be waiting there. Once, when I was very low on health, a question mark spot ended up healing half of my health. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t, but I find it’s always fun to leave it up to chance. Especially when it’s a choice between a question mark and a certain enemy.

Don’t Always Avoid Elite Enemies

For my first 15 or 20 games of Slay the Spire, I completely avoided elite enemies. I figured, what’s the point in going against something that’s like a mini boss when I could fight smaller enemies instead? The answer to that is, the reward. Each elite enemy drops a relic upon defeat and those relics have saved my butt more than once. You might get the Regal Pillow which heals you an additional 15 HP at rest spots, or maybe you could get the Pantograph which heals your character 25 HP at the beginning of boss fights. Again, the relics you will recieve are totally random, but if you avoid those elites, you’ll never have a chance to get something great.

Those are just a few of the quick tips I used to master Slay the Spire as The Silent. Unfortunately so much of the game is down to luck, but if you use these tips you’ll be well on your way to getting to the top of the great spire. Good luck!

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