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Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

There May Be a New Splinter Cell on the Way This Year

Do you like Splinter Cell? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Well the good news is that another entry in the series may be on its way earlier than we all suspected.

Now, nothing has been announced yet, so this has to be taken as a rumour, but Amazon.ca currently has a listing for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 2018. They may have made a mistake, or maybe there really is a new Splinter Cell game due out later this year, who knows? But it seems feasible, given that Ubisoft has two AAA titles set for release this financial year that it is yet to announce.

Splinter Cell Amazon

Hopefully we’ll have the definitive word about the next Splinter Cell game soon – probably at E3. Until then, we’ll just have to ponder what exactly we’d like it to be. Will it still star Sam Fisher? Will it have an open-world setting? They’re questions that we don’t yet have the answer to, but whatever is in store for the Splinter Cell franchise, we’re sure Ubisoft will make it work.

Let us know what you expect from the next Splinter Cell game in the comments below.

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