Outbreak is a Fun Yet Brief Addition to Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege has proven it has the staying power to remain relevant for years. With the latest Operation Chimera update, the new PvE Outbreak mode adds to the fun.

The pulse-pounding, high intensity nature of Rainbow Six Siege’s PvP is packaged neatly into the new limited time Outbreak event. Set in New Mexico, a handful of Operators are tasked with tackling the epidemic that’s creating the so-called ‘Roaches’. Featuring sprawling locales, excellent ambience, and surprisingly engaging gameplay, the Outbreak update, along with the rest of Operation Chimera is another welcome addition to the growing list of reasons why Rainbow Six Siege remains at the top of the FPS genre.


Now, one thing to remember is that Outbreak is a limited time game mode, running now until 3rd April. While brief, with only three different missions to offer, it’s definitely worth looking at, especially since it’s free for all owners of Rainbow Six Siege. The missions revolve mainly around defending explosives, transporting VIPs, and sabotaging nests. Much of the PvP practices exist here, too. You’ll be able to set up defences, use your Operator’s abilities, destroy walls and rebuild them as well. Outbreak does a fantastic job matching the nerve-wrecking nature of PvP. Although a totally different feel for the game, it’s just as intense and even more atmospheric. The lighting is great, the chatter between squadmates is more broad, and the sounds design is spot on.

The available roster is crafted to offer the players several different team compositions, and includes the two new Operators for Operation Chimera: Lion and Finka. Apart from them, you also have: Doc, Tachanka, Smoke, Ash, Glaz, Buck, Kapkan, and Ying. Limiting the roster pool makes each selection more meaningful, and given the update that allows everyone to access all original Operators and equipment, no one is left behind. No specific Operator feels under or over powered in Outbreak. Ubisoft did well on pretty much every corner of this new game mode, and it warrants a few playthroughs because of that.

The enemies you encounter during the Outbreak missions are diverse and challenging in their own right. You have basic Grunts, exploders that will endlessly bounce around until they detonate near you, summoners who will constantly bring in reinforcements, and a tank like creature whose only weak spot is their back. The fighting can get very gritty, very quickly. There isn’t much time or space to breathe when you’re defending locations or transporting VIPs. Maintaining supplies among your squad, and divvying them up evenly, is crucial to success. The team-focused nature of Rainbow Six Siege is not lost during Outbreak, in fact it’s almost heightened. Especially on the harder difficulty, where friendly fire is enabled, proper communication and planning becomes necessary for the survival of your team.

Part of me wants Outbreak to be expanded and extended, but then it wouldn’t feel as unique and surprisingly fun. With more Operators and missions, it can definitely become a mainstay. But if Ubisoft continues to do fun things like this and keeps bringing in new, exciting limited-time game modes, I think Rainbow Six Siege will continue to expand its player base and continue to remain relevant and engaging. I love that no part of what makes Siege special and exciting is lost during the Outbreak game mode. The tension and the strategy is there. The notion of teamwork and preparation is there. Outbreak takes nothing away from the PvP and did nothing but bolster the player count for an already great game. I’m looking forward to watching Rainbow Six Siege continue to grow and evolve.