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Prismata is a Promising Strategy Card Game Filled With Robots

Hundreds of years in the future, rogue robots threaten the livelihood of all humankind. The only option for survival? More robots.

Prismata is a mix of a real time strategy game and a strategy card game set in the future. Taking place on a planet called Beacon where the sun never sets, a group of intelligent robots threatens to destroy humanity. You play as a Swarmwielder — a human who commands their own legions of robots to fight against the enemy machines. When the robots on their side start to fight back, the humans realise that something very serious is going wrong that isn’t just about malfunctioning robots.

During a game of Prismata, players take turns spending their resources to try and build an army to outdo the opponent’s army. What is fresh and unique about its gameplay is that it contains no pre-built decks or situations where luck is involved. Winning a game in Prismata is all about the skill and strategy of the player.

Prismata is currently in early access but still features seven different game modes, intelligent enemy AI, over 100 steam achievements, spectator mode, over 500 customisation emotes and over 250 unit skins, and absolutely zero pay-to-win elements. Despite still being in early access Prismata looks and feels like a finished product, so is well worth checking out if you fancy a robot-fuelled strategy card game.

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