Sea of Thieves Invades March’s LootCrate

If you’re a LootCrate subscriber, you might find a nice, piratey surprise waiting for you.

Sea of Thieves, the latest game incoming from Rare and Microsoft is washing up on our shores on March 20th, and to celebrate the release, the next Loot Gaming Crate is set to feature an exclusive Sea of Thieves figure.

Flameheart, a humble scholar-turned-ferocious pirate is an undead scallywag set to strike fear into the heart of anyone who dares cross his path — but as deadly and terrifying as he may be, he also looks damn cool. Which is why a figure of him has been selected to grace LootCrate this month.


The detailed figure stands atop a pile of gold – like only a true pirate could – with mouth agape, filled with gold teeth, and a sword proudly in his hand. It’s a neat-looking collectible, and if you want to add it to your collection, be sure to head over to LootCrate and order your crate now.

Avast, ye scurvy sea-dogs… and other piratey sayings.