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How to Sell Items From Your Inventory in Warframe

One of the more basic processes in gaming is selling items. Warframe doesn’t cut that process out, but you might struggle to find out how at first.

Not only does selling your items in Warframe help clear out that precious inventory space, it also helps you net some extra credits! The process is quite simple once you get the hang of it, but it is admittedly a bit hidden away. Follow these simple steps to learn how to access your inventory and sell items in Warframe:

Step 1: Open Your Menu

Once you open your menu (aboard your ship), scroll down and select the ‘Equipment’ tab. Once you do that, you’ll be brought to a secondary menu that lists a whole mess of things. But for right now, just focus on finding and opening the ‘Inventory’ tab.

Step 2: Access Your Inventory

Now you’re basically at the end! It’s that simple. You can examine your inventory as whole, or pick through specific areas like Warframes, Gear, Weapons, etc. You’ll see a listed price that you’ll earn for the item when sold, and you’ll also see notifications for things that cannot be sold. Select individual items, or select all at once, and then press the button/key prompted at the bottom right of the screen and there ya go!

A simple, three step process is all it takes. It’s a great thing to keep up on, because it’s a two-fold benefit of inventory management/clearance and easy money.

Things to Keep in Mind

Like everything else in Warframe, there are stipulations to this process. Below, I’ll list some important tidbits to keep in mind when managing your inventory:

– Max level items/gear/Frames/weapons do not give you more Credits than their base level counterparts

– Certain things cannot be sold:

Skins, helmets, and most cosmetics
Incubator material
Almost every resource
Derelict keys
Some gear like Specters, Apothic blueprints, Squad Restores

– Generally, if an item cannot be sold, its blueprint can still be sold, just not its fully crafted variant

– Mods are sold in a different way, not through this process

That’s really all there is to it. It’s a process that hides itself, but one that’s easy to get a hold of. Speaking of the note about Mods at the end there, we’ll get into those soon, so keep your eyes on GameSpew in the coming week for more Warframe information!

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