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New South Park: The Fractured But Whole DLC Lets You Kick Michael Jackson’s Butt

South Park Casa Bonita 2

The first story expansion for South Park: The Fractured But Whole has arrived, and it’s worth playing simply for its final boss: Michael Jackson.

From Dusk Till Casa Bonita sends you on a quest to save Karen, Kenny’s sister, who has fallen into the clutches of vampires in a Mexican restaurant called Casa Bonita. It’s a two to three hour side story that’s certainly full of fun and humour, and it also adds a great deal of content that can be used outside of the expansion, too.

South Park Casa Bonita 4

A new character class, Netherborn, is made available for instance, giving you a range of supernatural powers that are actually pretty cool. I mean, who doesn’t like to see skeletal arms reach out of the ground that chain to adjacent enemies? Not me, that’s for sure. You also gain access to a new combat buddy, Henrietta, who’s fighting to show that being a goth does not equal being a vamp. Her support abilities really come in useful. And then you have an absolute shedload of new clothing items and artifacts to acquire. From Dusk Till Casa Bonita may not be the longest expansion in the world, but you’re unlikely to feel short changed by it.

There are even a few minigames introduced in From Dusk Till Casa Bonita, thanks to Casa Bonita’s very own arcade. You can play Kanye West’s unicorn based rip-off of Flappy Bird as much as you want, take your frustrations out on a shooting range, or even shoot balls from your butthole into other holes. It’s all good fun, and as you earn tickets you can buy a range of prizes.

South Park Casa Bonita 1

The best thing about From Dusk Till Casa Bonita, however, is saved until last. You get into numerous scrapes during your escapades, including doing battle with a man dressed as a gorilla, but fighting against Michael Jackson who has been summoned from some otherworldly place is simply brilliant. He Moonwalks, he spins, he grumbles about your ignorance, and then after enough of a pounding he dies once again. It’s a fitting end for the DLC, and one that really did surprise. I mean, who’d have expected Michael Jackson to turn up in a story about vampires? I certainly didn’t, but then it is South Park after all.

Available now for £9.59/$11.99, or as part of the South Park: The Fractured But Whole season pass which costs £24.99/$29.99, From Dusk Till Casa Bonita is a must for those wanting more South Park video game shenanigans. It may not have the longest running time, but every second of it is a pleasure to play through thanks to its brilliant writing, entertaining gameplay and amusing battles.

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