Spiral Splatter is 2018’s Answer to Your Childhood Buzz Wire Game

Don’t let Spiral Splatter’s simplistic visuals fool you. This game is a demon in disguise.

Remember those wire buzzy toys you played with as a kid? You know the ones — where you had to thread a metal loop around a twisting wire, being careful not to touch it else it’d beep and you’d fail. Well, Spiral Splatter is essentially the videogame equivalent of that.

Starting off nice and simple, Spiral Splatter tasks you with moving a circular marker around a maze until you reach the end point. The first couples levels will trick you into a false sense of security; nice, straight lines that you can whizz through with no trouble. It’ll soon throw twists, turns, dead ends, portals and switches at you, though. Each level rewards you with a grade out of three stars, based on how quickly you complete the level, and if you want to unlock the next batch of levels, you’ll need to acquire a certain number of stars.

It is possible to pass a level yet get zero stars. Believe me. Proof is in my short gameplay video below. It means that, after the first couple of level sets, you’re going to have to go back and master the levels you didn’t do so well on. But like they say; practice makes perfect.

And Spiral Splatter is all about patience and practice. It takes a steady hand and a firm control of the thumb stick in order to manoeuvre your marker with finesse, but you will fail again and again until you master the knack of each level. Once levels start throwing in switches, portals and branching pathways, you’ll also need to learn the route of the level, oftentimes needing to backtrack on yourself in order to reach the endpoint. All this, of course, while avoiding touching the sides of the maze.

Sure, Spiral Splatter isn’t going to win any awards for ingenuity or innovation, but it’s a fun little diversion between bouts of Monster Hunting or Sea of Thieves-ing. You might only dip in for 10 or 15 minutes at a time, but it’ll likely keep drawing you back, making you keen to beat your own records and unlock those harder levels.

Spiral Splatter is now available on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, as well as PS4 and PC.