Staxel Has Far to Go, But Manages to Impress

After the popularity of Minecraft, pixel sandbox farming games have started to become completely their own genre — but not many can hold up to Mojang’s pride and joy. Staxel, on the other hand, might just manage.

Currently in early access, sandbox game Staxel encourages you to take care of your homestead, help your fellow villagers, and farm farm farm! It’s hard not to instantly compare it to Minecraft, but during my time with the game I tried my best to enjoy it as its own entity, and I was happy with the results.


Staxel has a lot of strong elements that, as the game continues to be developed, are sure to make it a leading contender in the pixel farming genre. Some of the things that you can do in the game include: unique character creation, lots of building, farming, and hobbies. Keeping in mind that Staxel is still in early access there isn’t too much to do yet, but being able to completely rebuild not only your own home but the entire town is a great way keep yourself entertained. With plenty of quests to pick up from villagers too,I was never left wandering around wondering what I should be doing while my crops grow.

Due to its early access state there are plenty of kinks to be worked out before Staxel is ready for full release. For one, I found my frame rate dropping pretty regularly depending on where I was in town which is something that puts a serious hindrance on the enjoyment of the game. Along with that issue I found the camera sway to be overly sensitive causing it to always look like you’re walking on a bumpy road. An option to adjust this would work out well for players. But still, these are the kinds of problems you’d expect from an early access release. Getting them ironed out as development progresses is the whole point.

Staxel still has far to go, with developers saying that it will stay in early access well into 2018 or longer, but so far, it has a lot of things going for it. Fans of the genre are sure to enjoy its adorable animals and characters as well as being able to ruthlessly destroy any building they’d like due to being all-powerful. Not to mention you can log in with a friend and wreak havoc together.

Staxel is available now on Steam Early Access.