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Tesla vs Lovecraft is the Xbox One’s Must-Have Top-Down Shooter

When Becca reviewed the PC version of Tesla vs Lovecraft for us earlier this year, she concluded that the top-down shooter might just be one of 10Tons’ best. Now I’ve played it on Xbox One, I’m inclined to agree.

Without the wealth of Housemarque titles on Xbox One like the PS4 boasts, there’s a distinct shortage of quality top-down shooters. There’s a few, but nothing that scratches the itch that the likes of Alienation or Nex Machina would. Enter Tesla vs Lovecraft. Sure, it’s not as polished as the aforementioned games; its brief cutscenes are a little rough around the edges, but the gameplay it offers up is incredibly fun — and what more do you want from a twin-stick shooter than crazy, bullet-spewing entertainment?

Blending together Tesla’s personal brand of steampunk with Lovecraftian horror isn’t the most original pairing, but it’s a surefire way to ensure the game gives us plenty of kickass weaponry and a wealth of freaky creatures upon which to unleash electric hell. It’s fast-paced and frantic, and with new skills, weapons and perks being thrown at you, it never gets boring.

The game plays out over a series of short levels that increase in difficulty as you progress. Waves of bigger and tougher enemies will come at you, and there’s a few bosses to face against, too, to really keep you on your toes. It’s fairly easy until you get to the last few levels that may take a few retries, but once you’ve finished you’ll start all over again on the next difficulty. With three difficulties in total, you’ll keep all your current perks and play through the same levels, but with larger hordes of enemies standing in your way. The locations may get repetitive, but the gameplay doesn’t outstay its welcome — it’s the type of quick-paced experience that’s fun to jump into time and time again in short bursts.

And did I mention that there’s a giant Tesla Mech? No? Yeah — for a short period of time every level, you’ll be able to increase your firepower via the means of a giant mech suit. What more do you want, really?

Tesla vs  Lovecraft isn’t going to change the world. It’s not going to be the deepest, richest experience you’ll ever play, but damn, it’s fun. If your Xbox One library needs a little bit of top-down shooter action, you really don’t need to look any further.

Read Becca’s full review of the PC version for more information about Tesla vs Lovecraft.

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