Thumbs Up For The Desktop

There is no doubt that a great many of us are leading increasingly busy lives.

Studies have shown that the average person now goes out on an evening less than they used to, and this has led to many of us now sourcing our entertainment from our own homes. In most cases, this means heavily relying on the connectivity of the world wide web.

The majority of us have a smartphone, and just as often (or more often) than we’ll use it to make calls or send messages, we’ll use it to find a game to play for a few minutes, or perhaps even use it to watch a video or film while we are commuting home. Being so connected from a device that fits in our pockets is priceless, but you can’t beat enjoying a game or other form of media on your home computer or home media centre with its bigger screen and greater immersion.

Our PCs offer us an endless array of things to do. Be it using Steam to find the latest AAA game or even searching in our browser to find the best online slots for UK, there’s always something waiting for us right at our fingertips. If you don’t want to play games, then no problem — the likes of YouTube and Netflix means that infinite hours worth of videos, TV programmes and movies are instantly available to us, all the time.

Of course, a desktop PC isn’t the only way to experience these things anymore — our games consoles offer us in-built internet browsers and entertainment apps, and Smart TVs have similar functionality built right in. But there’s an argument to be had that using your desktop is still the best way for many people. Sure, a bulky tower might be a bit outdated, but with PC sizes becoming smaller and fancier all the time — tiny PCs that sit in the palm of your hand, or fancy cases that resemble a modern games console are not out of the ordinary — the traditional desktop computer isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

For one, you can upgrade your PC’s components far cheaper than it would be to buy a whole new device. If it’s getting slow or sluggish, there’s no need to buy a completely new PC, as you might have to with a laptop. Hard drives, memory and GPU, along with every other component you’ll find inside your PC, are all replaceable if you know what you’re doing. It means that that one item has a never-expiring use-by date, as you can forever tinker with it and upgrade it to keep up with the latest trends.

Sure, we love our consoles and our laptops too, but we’ll just never tire of our trusty old desktop. It’s always right where we left it, waiting for us to tap into an endless world of information and entertainment. What more could we possibly want?