Using NVIDIA’s Ansel in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition’s Demo

NVIDIA’s screenshot program Ansel is slowly receiving more features, and for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition that means we have a brilliant, freeing way to take 4K+ screenshots.

For a while I’ve liked Ansel’s ability to save images in 4K resolution and even higher, but it lacked features — most notably depth of field. With Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition launching with Ansel support, I’ve been keen to try it out, so was pleasantly surprised to see it already functional in the demo. Further so, Ansel now features depth of field options, but it’s not that intuitive and difficult to get what you want without a lot of tinkering.

Ansel allows you to take screenshots as big as 63360 x 35640, but that requires a ridiculous 20gb of space to even start taking the screenshot. I don’t think I’ll ever use many of Ansel’s effects in FFXV, with the exception of the colour enhancer. Sometimes, it dud look genuinely better, but other times far too stark.

The best feature of Ansel, though, is that you can go anywhere with it: clip through buildings, or just go to the other side of the world.

With the new settings in Ansel, I’ve been spending up to 30 minutes messing with just one shot until I was happy with how it looks. At times, you completely forget about the game you’re actually playing; it’s like Ansel is its own game that allows you to go into any world and take screenshots. I spent a long time in FFXV’s tutorial room taking screenshots instead of doing the tutorial.

Before the full release of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition though, we’d like to showcase Ansel screenshots in the Demo. So enjoy them.

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