The Xbox One might not be known for its reputation as a JRPG machine, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft doesn’t have a few hits of its own.

While Nintendo and Sony both may have a more historic connection to the genre, the Xbox has made some valiant efforts in courting a part of Japan’s gaming audience. Not every attempt has been totally successful, but they haven’t yet given up on the land of the rising sun. Here’s our pick of the ten best JRPGs on Xbox One, right now.

10. Valkyria Revolution

Best JRPGs on Xbox One - Valkyria Revolution

Out of the Valkyria series, Valkyria Revolution isn’t the best of the bunch. For fans, it was a disappointing instalment that changed a lot of things that were once important. It might not be one of the very best JRPGs on Xbox One then, but it's still engrossing and fun.

The best-looking game in the series to date, Valkyria Revolution uses a more action-centred combat system instead of its predecessor’s tactical approach which newcomers may find more approachable. Its premise is also pretty interesting, each of your party members making up “The Five Traitors” known to be modern day war-criminals. Its a story that doesn’t quite stick its landing, but if you’re not particularly tied to the series there’s a lot to enjoy in this one.

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9. Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Best JRPGs on Xbox One - Battle Chasers Nightwar

Not every JRPG has to be from Japan, per se. The term is more ambiguous than many give it credit for, with plenty of games offering a Western take on the genre. Since JRPGs have had such a long and storied history, there are countless developers who find inspiration in games like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger.

Games like Ubisoft’s Child of Light and Saturday Morning RPG both come to mind, but I want to put a spotlight on the often forgotten Battle Chasers: Nightwar. Despite its goofy name, this Kickstarter success boasts great art, stylish combat system, and some nice quality of life changes to the classic formula that help modernise the game in many ways.

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