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11Games With Easy 1000G on Xbox One

Love them or hate them, achievements are a big part of gaming.

Going back a few years to my PS3 days – dark days I’d rather forget, mind – I played a myriad of incredibly terrible games all in the name of trophy hunting. NCIS: The Video GameKung Fu Panda 2… Hannah-bloody-Montana; you name it, I probably played it for a cheap and easy platinum trophy.

Those weren’t my proudest moments.

Thankfully, my gaming habits have changed over the years. No longer do I play games simply for the glory of achievements or trophies (perhaps partly because I no longer have the time…), but it’s still nice when games do generously throw rewards at you. I’ve scoured my achievement list to find the best Xbox One games that’ll give you an easy 1000G boost to your gamerscore.

Forget the games that are “easy” only if you dedicate 200 hours of your life to them. Or the ones that are “quick” only if you play the game with a walkthrough glued to your face. These games’ll give you achievements as you play through naturally. And they’re pretty good games, too. Well… most of them. Without further ado, here are the Xbox One games that’ll happily give you those sweet achievements.

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