2Eating random objects cures most injuries and ailments

Been shot? No worries. Just eat this grape I’ve just found in a bin and you’ll be fine. Stabbed with a sword? No problem. Devour this chunk of raw meat cut from a mangy beast that I’ve just defeated and watch that wound heal right up.

A long-term stupid thing in video games, it would appear that our favourite characters aren’t too picky about what they eat. From classics like Castlevania where you break walls to discover hunks of meat, to modern games like Bioshock: Infinite where you scavenge food from just about anywhere you can, game characters eat things that even Bear Grylls would have second thoughts about. Then again, when they seem to have mystical healing properties that enable you to withstand the most severe injuries, why wouldn’t you?

Castlevania wall chicken
Castlevania: Mmm, tasty wall chicken…