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5 Videogame Prequels We Need to See

As gamers, we have spent many hours in some of the most creative, wondrous and interesting worlds ever to have been imagined.

But no matter how many hours we’ve spent exploring and enjoying these fantastical creations, often it doesn’t seem like enough. Games often give us just a glimpse of their lore and interesting backstories, leaving us clamouring to play through them and find out more. If only there was a prequel so we could play our way through these events ourselves. Here are five games that have hinted at interesting backstories, leaving us desperate for a prequel.

1. Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X HD PS4 Tidus

Final Fantasy X was a first in the Final Fantasy series in many ways. It was the first Final Fantasy to have voice acting, it was the first Final Fantasy on the PS2, and it was the first Final Fantasy not to have an overworld. Heck, it was even the first in the series to have a proper sequel — something that no one was really asking for. But Final Fantasy X forgot to give us a prequel.

Final Fantasy X finished in truly a remarkable way with the secrets of Tidus’ origin and his father, that had been teased throughout, coming to light when the party defeats Sin. We were given all the answers we were searching for, although these were all bittersweet. We learned about the shocking history of Auron, Jecht and Lord Braska and how it had set up the events of the main game, but it wasn’t quite enough.The journey of Yuna and Tidus’ fathers had a lot of flesh that we were aching to see in a full game. It would have been great to see a young and inexperienced Auron as a guardian in a full-length prequel. These three dealing with the corrupt religious leaders of Spira and the choices that they made would have great to see. Instead, we got a rompy fun sequel which was just okay.


Okay, forget about what I said about brilliant, wondrous worlds with rich histories that are in need of exploration. Instead, let us look down memory lane to some of the best football teams ever to grace the pitch. While FIFA may give us the odd legend that we can play with in new FIFA games, it does not give us the full glorious teams that set the world alight in days gone by.

Surely any football fan would love  to be able to play through some of the most interesting seasons and world cups of years past, especially those that existed before FIFA games. How about the 1970 World Cup? Or the ‘92 first Premier League season? Or even the 1947 Charlton FA Cup winning team? (Okay that last one may just be me…). These are some of the best times in footballing history, and it would be great to take part in it.

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