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5 Videogames That Would Make Excellent Movies

Tomb Raider has finally made it to our cinema screens… again.

And it’s getting some decent reviews – well, for a videogame adaption it is. Despite this, there has still yet to be that stand-out videogame film that sets the world alight.

With the dramatic world, entrancing action and engrossing mystery that swirls around Lara Croft, we thought that Tomb Raider could be that film. But just like Assassin’s Creed before it and Warcraft before that, Tomb Raider just doesn’t cut the mustard.

We’re still desperate for our heroes of handheld and consoles to get onto the big screen. Here are five  games that we’d love to see get the movie adaptation treatment.


A real Marmite of a game, you either love the Fable series or you hate it. Most of this hate comes from the over-promising, hype merchant that is Peter Molyneux. He promised a game unlike anything else, where all the choices you’d make would drastically change the world of Albion. He may have been over-egging the series a bit, but Fable should still be better remembered for its brilliantly funny world.

The Fable universe could be brutally shocking and grim; you had characters like Reaver maintaining their beauty through ritualistic sacrifice, and throughout Albion child labour was a normality. However, Albion could also be hilariously funny, with some Demon doors only revealing their secrets once you became obese, or the brothers who accidentally summon a banshee with the necronomicon, for example. Every adventure in the Fable series is one that is full of terror and whimsy and that beautiful balance would be perfect for the big screen.

Star Wars Battlefront II (2005)

The 501st legion, or as they colloquially known: ‘Vader’s Fist’, were the battalion of clones that escorted Anakin Skywalker amongst his dark journey into darkness and helped him establish himself as the brutal leader he became as Vader. In Star Wars Battlefront II (the good one), you journeyed with Anakin in that, now non-canon, arc.

It was a brilliantly architected story that set up battles in every map, against every enemy and through the two eras in the universe that existed at that point in time. It even managed to set up some heart-wrenching moments. Having fought alongside the jedi for so long you were made to experience ‘Order 66’ directly, turning on your allies. Soon after, you went through the aesthetic change to stormtroopers to cement that change of allegiance. What was most brutal, however, was cutting down the clone facility, from which you were made to stop any further uprisings in the new empire. This story is worthy of a spin-off film as it delved deep into the humanity of the clones and the fate of them post-clone war.

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