5 Videogames That Would Make Excellent Movies


PlayStation Vita

Okay, we all know that this is in development, but until it comes out I am still allowed to yearn for it. Nathan Drake’s adventure in the Uncharted series already feels like you are in the cinema, with non-stop action set-pieces and explosions aplenty. Every hour I have spent with Uncharted has felt like a modern day Indiana Jones — and I don’t mean Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


The Uncharted movie will come out one day or another. How can it not, with such a strong fan following? Its simple premise, too, makes it an easy target for those who want to make a good videogame adaption. Heck, I would happily pay to watch all the cutscenes on a cinema screen and I don’t think I am the only one.

Heart of Darkness

Shadow monsters, a child inventor and pornography jokes – Heart of Darkness is the game that has everything. Everything except from a cinematic release.It’s a brilliant plot that tells the story of a boy’s love of his dog and his extraordinary journey to save him. So simple, yet perfect for a film adaptation.

Andy, in Heart of Darkness, uses every facet of brain power he has to overcome the dark forces at play in order to save his dog Whisky. Battling shadows that would devour him, wildlife that would engulf him and his own fear of the dark, all in the hope of saving his beloved mutt. It’s a childhood journey on a Spielberg scale. What would be better suited for a proper, old-school feel good movie?

The Secret of Monkey Island

Much like the Fable series, The Monkey Island series of games never took itself too seriously. The pinnacle of point-and-click adventure games from LucasFilms in the 90s had you playing as wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood. During your quest to become a notorious pirate you must battle puns and puzzles alike and the most deadly pirate of all time: LeChuck!

A film based on this most beloved of gaming series would function like a comical version of Pirates of the Caribbean. One part of the game that many of us would surely love to see converted to the big screen is the sword fighting. For those of you who haven’t played The Secret of Monkey Island, sword-fighting is done more with your mouth than your hands, with insults and comebacks cutting deeper than any real sword. Heck, any part of the game would be great to see on the big screen.