With the rise of online multiplayer, split screen co-op gaming is seemingly dying out.

At one time, there was no other way to play your favourite games than huddled around a tiny CRT screen, split in two or four, whilst you battled your friends for the ultimate victory. Now, most people prefer to keep their 50" LED screen real estate to themselves, teaming up with their friends online thanks to the wonder of the internet.

Fortunately, a handful of games are keeping the golden age of local co-op alive, so grab some controllers, call up some friends, and get your mitts on these couch co-op games on Xbox One.

50. Caveman Warriors

Caveman Warriors Body 2

If you like an old-school platformer, then Caveman Warriors is worth checking out. With a friend playing by your side in couch co-op, the game's much more challenging as you need to utilise each character's special skills in order to progress through the level. Still, with a prehistoric theme and a cool cast of characters, it's a fun way to pass the time - even if it is very challenging.

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49. Goat Simulator

You've probably never thought about how much you'd like to be a goat, but Goat Simulator makes those dreams come true. More of a sandbox filled with mayhem than an actual game, Goat Simulator lets you and a friend run around... as goats. Doing goat-like things. Like riding a bike or bouncing on a trampoline. Standard. It's not your standard split-screen co-op adventure, but it is a hell of a lot of fun.

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