Club Manager 2019 Lets You Manage Your Favourite Football Team

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Football is the greatest sporting attraction on earth.

From the various Leagues across the world to the global spectacle that is the FIFA World Cup, the game transcends all cultural and religious barriers.

Millions enjoy watching the game all over the world, but few get to play it on the grandest stage of them all — and even fewer are fortuitous enough to manage a football club. That, nonetheless, may very well change with the addition of a new player in town.


Club Manager 2019 gives you the opportunity to have an in-game experience of exactly how it feels to manage your favourite football team.

From Pep Guardiola to Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp to Diego Simeone, quite a considerable number of the widely accomplished football teams are usually a true reflection of their manager’s personal style and panache.

A football team typically reflects a manager’s personality and you could likewise get to witness this, albeit in an in-game experience, by playing Club Manager 2019. The game has been designed with a simplistic yet profound UI that will help you push the limits of your preferred team, while at the same time enjoying the gaming experience.

What’s more, you are at liberty to manage your finances and assemble a lavishly talented squad of your choice; one that will put you in pole position to win various Leagues and Cup competitions across the globe.

However, working the opposition in order to put your team on the cusp of glory needs the right tactics. The game allows you to employ various tactical changes and techniques that reflect your personality and style of play, just as you would in a real life instance.

As you progress by leaps and bounds, you will get rewarded with bonuses that you can use to upgrade your side and ultimately elevate the status of your team.

Furthermore, you can revamp the pitch in order to reduce the likelihood of players sustaining injuries, upgrade your gym so as to enhance productivity and improve key aspect of your players’ stats, and also upgrade your match manager to reduce the duration between each divisional game.

In playing Club Manager 2019, you will also get to experience the full gamut of emotions that comes with having the managerial responsibility on your shoulders.

You will essentially play division matches as you endeavour to climb up the various Leagues and take part in exhibition matches to gauge your tactical awareness and ability to initiate effective tweaks and changes in your squad selection, all while creating your own unique pool of matches to pit your side against other users in a round-robin format.

All of this will be available across PC, iOS and Android when the game launches later this year. As such, you will not be ring fenced when testing your mettle as a manager against your friends or any other player.

Club Manager 2019 will, without question, be the best football manager game in the world and you can keep close tabs on the official announcement that is set to be made soon.