Where to Find the Skull of the Candlemaker on Lone Cove in Sea of Thieves

Riddle, riddle on the wall, who’s the trickiest of them all?

Those damn Gold Hoarders and their riddles, am I right? Luckily, some are quite easy to solve, but others have several potential answers on their given island. At GameSpew we strive to make it easier for those who may have gotten frustrated looking for a specific treasure in Sea of Thieves. This time we’re here to tell you where to find the skull of the candlemaker at Lone Cove.

Here is the riddle in question (your first line and pace instruction may differ):


Glinting, gleaming, shining, twinkling, on Lone Cove I have an inkling.

From the skull of the candlemaker in the graveyard to the West ye are getting near, 6 paces South and shovel here.

The graveyard is the most prominent feature on Lone Cove, and a location you’ll find yourself back at plenty of times throughout Sea of Thieves. It’s not too difficult to spot the exact grave you’re looking for, but there is a plethora of them. The video below will show you where you’ll find the candlemaker’s skull.

We got in a spot of bother with a snake and a few skeletons – that dastardly snake waited for the first dig before spitting at us with poison. This time just another disappointing Seafarer’s chest for us. Get anything better?

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