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How to Save Your Game in Yakuza 6

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If you’re going to get stuck into Yakuza 6, you’re going to want to save frequently to avoid losing any progress.

We all know it happens. Sometimes you turn off your PlayStation 4 without thinking. Sometimes games just crash (although we haven’t had that problem Yakuza 6). And often you just hastily close a game in frustration. The result is that minutes or even hours of progress is lost, and your eagerness to return to it wanes a little.

The good news is that you can save just about anywhere in Yakuza 6, and it’s an easy process too. That’s right, if you started playing the series with the excellent Yakuza 0, you no longer need to run to phone boxes to record your progress. Although you do still need to use a phone.

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As Kiryu is with the times, he carries a mobile phone around with him in Yakuza 6. You can pull it out at any time by pressing the options button on your PlayStation 4 pad, and navigate around the apps installed on it with the directional buttons. If you want to save your progress, you’re going to need to head on over to the settings app.

Pressing X on the settings app icon opens up a whole load of options for you to tinker with, but if you just want to save your game you just need to move down to the Save option and once again press the X button. The usual PlayStation save menu will appear, and with just a couple of more button presses your game will be saved. Easy, isn’t it?

It’s worth mentioning that Yakuza 6 does have an auto-save feature, and also prompts you to save at the end of each chapter you complete, so you’re never in danger of losing too much progress. But if you’re just larking around and completing side activities, make sure you save often. There’s nothing worse than losing hard-earned progress, after all.

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