PixARK Puts the Pixel in Ark: Survival Evolved

It’s pretty clear from the name really: PixARK combines the popular sandbox survival game Ark: Survival Evolved with, well, pixels.

Thanks to Minecraft, big, blocky pixel art is incredibly popular, and plenty of developers want to get in on the action. From Snail Games, PixARK released into Early Access last week, with a full release planned for later this year. It’s currently available on PC and Xbox One thanks to Microsoft’s Game Preview program.

Offering an altogether cuter landscape than the dangerous terrains of Survival EvolvedPixARK is still packed with plenty of dangers. Currently, the Early Access version features over 100 beasts to tame and train, along with a wealth of crafting materials, a hell of a lot of cubes – and even dragons. The Early Access period allows the developers to introduce new experimental technology and tweak it until it’s just right before releasing the game fully, so a lot more is promised to come in the next few months.

It’s already set to be a multiplayer game worth taking note of, though, with plenty of companies already jumping on the game server bandwagon as can be seen on CompareGameHosting‘s list. It may never be as big as Minecraft, but it’s early days for PixARK just yet, so we’ll be keeping an eye on how it develops over the next few months.

The open-world multiplayer sandbox style of PixARK may not be for everyone, but if you fancy trying your hand at taming blocky beasts and building yourself a cubic stronghold, maybe give it a go. It’s available now on Xbox One and PC.