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Pagan Min Far Cry 4

Six Games With Secret Endings That Let You Complete the Game Early

Games With Secret Endings

Far Cry 5, as you may have heard, has a secret ending that lets you “finish” it in a few minutes, bypassing the bulk of the game.

Instead of arresting the cult leader at the beginning of Far Cry 5, you can simply wait for a few minutes when you’re asked to slap the handcuffs on. The sheriff and his team will then change their mind, leaving the cult leader to his business and ending the game.

But it’s by no means the only game that sports such an option. Here are six more titles that let you skip huge chunks of the action and go home for an early bath.

Far Cry 4

Like Far Cry 5, you can skip Far Cry 4’s gun-toting shenanigans by simply waiting. When, at the beginning of the game, you’re left alone in Pagan Min’s dining room, wait for him to return. He’ll then give you a helicopter ride to the shrine where your mother’s ashes are to be placed. Upon leaving the shrine he’ll invite you to “Shoot some goddamn guns!” with him, ending the game.

Disaster Report/SOS: The Final Escape

SOS: The Final Escape (or Disaster Report, as it was known outside of the UK) casts you as an earthquake survivor, struggling to escape from an island that is slowly sinking. There are a number of ways to end the game early, the most distressing of which is to abandon your travelling companion. One story path has you teaming up with Karen, college student and fellow survivor. At one point you carry another survivor to an evacuation point while Karen stays behind.

If you go back to get Karen, a building collapses, separating you from the rescue worker who has been evacuating survivors. If, however, you tell the rescue worker that you’re alone, he’ll evacuate you in his boat. Karen can be seen running along in the distance, dropping to her knees when she realises she’s been abandoned. Ouch. Roll credits.

Saints Row 4

Though this results in a “Game Over” rather than a formal ending, Saints Row 4 gives you the choice to either rescue one of your fellow Saints or sacrifice yourself to appease an evil alien overlord. Choosing option B ends your life and reveals that Zinyak, the overlord, was lying. Though since choosing option A results in the later destruction of Earth, it’s debatable as to whether this constitutes a “bad” ending or not.

Shadow Complex

This 2D Metroidvania has you battling your way through a secret government base to rescue your girlfriend, who has been kidnapped by shadowy forces; except that you don’t have to.  Shortly after she’s abducted, you can head back to the jeep you arrived in and drive off, remarking that there’s “Plenty of fish in the sea”. Hardly romantic, though it’s more justifiable when you learn how the game normally ends.

We Happy Few

This procedurally generated adventure takes place in a dystopian world where the inhabitants self-medicate with “Joy”, a ridiculously powerful anti-depressant. Early on in the game, which is currently in early access, your character drops their joy and parts company with the happy herd, being labelled a “downer”. However, you can in fact pick up and swallow the pill, returning you to your regular state of blissful ignorance, putting an end to the adventures that might have been.

The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable deals with the notion of free will as you, as the titular Stanley, have your every action accompanied by narration from a mysterious third party. There are multiple endings but the easiest way to end the game is just to close your office door when the game starts, refusing to take any part in this nonsense.

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