The Honest, Surreal, and Often Brutal Beauty of Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

For nearly a week now, I’ve been beavering away at Far Cry 5.

Playing on Xbox One X, I often find my progress being halted, however, just to take in the sheer beauty of it all. Honestly, it’s a spectacle. But what really stands out about it is how varied it all is. I mean sure, there’s a lot of woodland, mountains and trees, but amongst all that there’s a whole gamut of eye candy to feast upon.

For the most part, Far Cry 5 is photo realistic. As you wander through a forest you can almost believe you’re there. In fact, it would be quite tranquil if religious zealots weren’t always around the corner to ruin your day. Sometimes though, the sereneness of the great outdoors just turns plain weird. I guess you can blame the Bliss for that. But Hope County is also a place in turmoil, and the often distressing sights that you see on your travels could easily set a sombre tone if not for the madcap nature of the game.

It would be a shame to let so many of my screenshots depicting Far Cry 5‘s beauty go to waste, so take a gander below and witness it for yourself if you’re yet to play the game. And if you are playing the game, it sure is pretty, ain’t it?

All screenshots were taken in-game and haven’t been altered in any way. As there’s no photo mode, the binoculars were used in many instances to remove HUD elements. If you want to view any of the images in full 4K, simply right click one of them and save it to your PC.

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