Where to Find the Forgotten Castaway on Cannon Cove in Sea of Thieves

May said castaway be forgotten no more.

This is probably the easiest riddle we’ve done in Sea of Thieves so far, but some of them are sly little buggers, so you end up second guessing every point of interest on an island. This guide will show you where to find the forgotten castaway on Cannon Cove. Poor fellow.

The wording of your riddle in Sea of Thieves may have some differences to ours, but the wrecked rowboat will be in the same spot. Here’s the riddle we got:

A whispered secret has been told, on Cannon Cove lies hidden gold.

The chest is close at the forgotten castaway on the East shores, but you’re not done, dig 7 paces Easy-by-North East grab it and run.

Coming in from the east shores meant we saw the forgotten castaway before we’d even parked up. The castaway is the only point of interest on Cannon Cove’s east shores, so it was extremely easy to see it. The video below will show you the exact location of the forgotten castaway.

Only the two skeletons bothered us this time after our first successful dig. We think this takes the cake as our shortest video guide on a riddle yet given its simplicity. This time we’re only slightly luckier on our reward getting a seafarer’s chest instead of our usual castaway’s chest.

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